3D Printer Refresh Programme

Our latest refresh programme gives you a part-funded opportunity to exchange your current professional 3D printer for a new system configured with the most up to date modelling, software and material technologies.

As part of our Technology Refresh Programme, we will buy back your existing printer, giving you a great return on your previous investment, whilst freeing up capital to offset against the purchase price of your new system.

Furthermore we can offer 0% finance to help you spread the remaining cost over three or five years.

Advance your performance. Upgrade your 3D printer to obtain the latest materials and technologies.

As a platinum partner for Stratasys 3D printers, SYS are constantly looking to offer service and upgrade programmes to improve the facilities for 3D printer users.

Our 3D printing machines are accurate, advanced and robust to help you push the limits of innovation. Many companies are experiencing the benefits of 3D printing enabling a more flexible, rapid time to market and improved product performance.

Upgrade Your 3D Printer Today