Stratasys Neo800

stratasys neo800

Stratasys Neo800

Build large parts with superior surface quality, accuracy and detail

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Unparalleled industry quality

Build large prototypes, rapid tooling and master patterns with a world-class industrial large-format Neo stereolithography system. The Neo®800 3D printer builds high-quality parts with superior surface quality, accuracy and detail.

Operating the stratasys neo800 using titanium software

High volume prototyping

The Stratasys Neo800 provides high throughput volume printing for demanding industries such as service bureaus or internal centralized shops

Large part prototyping

Print large concept and communication models to determine functional fit-and-form accuracy with outstanding surface finish on the 800 × 800 × 600 mm build platform.

Rapid tooling

Print tools and molds for short-run end-use printed part production.

Open material system

The Neo800’s open material system means users are not restricted by the usual parameter constraints, offering the ability to use any 355 nm hybrid resin chemistry.

Why choose the Neo800?

  • Exceptional part sidewall quality Outstanding scanning resolution reduces finishing time by up to 50%.
  • Open resin system: Compatible with all commercially available 355nm hybrid resins, allowing freedom of material selection without the usual parameter constraints.
  • Connected services: Stay connected and updated with the built-in camera, emailed progress reports and status updates.
  • Customer-driven development: Customer suggestions and feedback are encouraged, driving user-enhanced software updates.
  • Large build volume: Measuring 5 x 31.5 x 23.6 in. (800 x 800 x 600 mm). Build larger parts without section and bonding.
  • Intuitive Titanium software: Easy-to-use software optimizes build time and part quality with build history, parameter detail, hardware usage and part traceability data reporting.
  • Accessible support: Remote diagnostics or convenient on-site support from our exceptional service team.
  • Quality assurance: The Stratasys Neo800 is carefully designed and engineered throughout, using premium components, parts and finishes.

Stratasys Neo 3D Printers

The Stratasys Neo is reliable, stable system, proven in high-pressure working environments requiring quick turnarounds such as service bureaus and Formula 1.

Based on the Neo800, the more compact Neo450 series offers an affordable industrial-grade 3D printer with a smaller build volume and capable of printing small to medium parts for applications such as prototyping, rapid tooling and master patterns. The Neo 450s is 40% faster than the 450e, offering high definition and standard modes.



Dimensions (WxDxH) 53.2 × 64.2 × 90.6 in. (1350 × 1630 × 2300 mm)
Weight 1764 lb (800 kg)
Network Communication Ethernet: Fully compliant with IEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3ab USB Port: USB 2.0
Operating Environment Temperature range: 68-74°F (20-23°C), max rate change ±2°F/hr (1°C/hr). Relative humidity 20-50% non-condensing.
Power Requirements 208 ~ 240 V, 50/60 Hz 900 W Typical operation, 1900 W Max
Operating System Windows 10 Pro
Software Titanium
Build Modes HD & SD
Build Capacity 31.50 × 31.50 × 23.62 in. (800 × 800 × 600 mm)
Laser 2 Watt
Achievable Accuracy Dimension <3.94 in. ±0.004 in.; Dimension >3.94 in. ±0.15%† Dimension <100 mm ±0.1 mm; Dimension >100 mm ±0.15%† Accuracy & minimum feature size will vary depending on material, parameters, part geometry and size, pre- & post-processing methods and environment.
Beam Size and Focus 150 to 600 μm (Dynamic & Variable)


Somos® WaterShed XC 11122 A clear solution delivering ABS and PBT-like properties for stereolithography.
Somos® PerFORM For applications needing strong, stiff, high-heat-resistant composites. Great detail resolution.
Somos® Taurus Excellent surface quality and isotropy for highly detailed parts.
Somos® Evolve Designed for easy finishing, produce highly detailed parts with the look, feel and performance of thermoplastic.
Somos® Waterclear Ideal for applications that require optical clarity.
Somos® PerFORM Reflect Ready-to-use material for PIV wind tunnel testing.
Somos® WaterShed AF Multi-purpose stereolithography resin that meets the requirements for investment casting patterns.
Somos® DMX-SL™ 100 Breaking the mold in speed, efficiency and design freedom
Somos® 9120 For semi-flexible parts that exhibit strong memory retention
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Make an Enquiry

For any sales, product information or pricing inquiries fill out the form on the right and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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