5 Guest Speakers to Discuss Additive Manufacturing at SYS | Stratasys Open Day 2022

20th October 2022

Open Day 2022

Thursday 1st December | SYS Systems | Foston, Derbyshire

Machine demos | Expert speakers | FREE food and drink | Live Q&A

During a thirty-minute speech, Andy will discuss the future developments in additive manufacturing and Stratasys’ place within 3D printing. He said: 

“We want to create a network so that customers can share their opinion and their experience to find different applications. Such initiatives can help a customer to introduce additive production within its own production cycle, from the design phase, to prototyping, to functional tests, up to limited series production. It is precisely from this point of view that customers often realize that they have a printer for a solution, but could buy another for a different solution.”

Yann Rageul, Head of Manufacturing Sales in
EMEA & Asia
10:45 am
Exploring manufacturing applications within Stratasys' FDM, SAF and Origin technologies

Yann Rageul is Head of Manufacturing Sales in EMEA & Asia, managing multi-million-dollar sales across EMEA, North and South Asia. Responsible for developing strategic partnerships, Yann is a problem-solver by nature, finding additive manufacturing solutions to solve supply chain issues. Discussing the applications and in particular, the benefits of FDM, SAF and Origin technologies at our Open Day, Yann has been with Stratasys for seven years and has previous boardroom experience in additive manufacturing. 

Lampros GIourntas, Senior AM Engineer at Baker Hughes

11:30 am

Customer Spotlight: Unfolding the Advantages of Additive Manufacturing at Baker Hughes

Chartered Senior Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in various industrial engineering projects. Skilled in Additive Manufacturing, 3D printing, Project Management, Materials Science and Data analysis. A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) focused in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Lampros Giorntas discusses the role of AM at Baker Hughes and how it is helping meet production challenges with a quick, flexible and efficient solution.

Matthew Jones, Senior Application Engineer at Stratasys
12:45 pm
How Polyjet & SLA technology are used in design

Matthew Jones is experienced in the full array of Stratasys technology, as well as its applications, particularly in the field of design. Matthew will discuss Polyjet, SLA technology and how the processes can be used to create incredible 3D printed prototypes and parts with high-resolution and in full colour for perfection every time. 

From the office to the factory floor – you can learn first-hand how transformative additive manufacturing technologies can be to the design process from beginning to end. 

Frank Lindeman, Senior Software Business Development Management at Stratasys
1:30 pm
Deep dive into GrabCAD

Frank Lindeman joined Stratasys in 2014, when the cloud PDM and file sharing company GrabCAD was acquired. Frank is a member of the Stratasys Software team, a group of software engineers developing next generation software for 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing, working out of Cambridge in the UK. Today, Frank focuses on making Stratasys customers and software partners successful with the introduction of Stratasys software products, and their integration with design software and factory control software.

Frank also represents the voice of the customer, identifying opportunities for new software features, functions, or entire products. His experience and approach are grounded in both 25 years of development of technical software as well as a deep understanding of design and manufacturing processes, positioning him to help your business get the most of GrabCAD Print and GrabCAD Shop.

Question & Answer Panel
Facilitated by Lewis Hearne, The Carfulan Group
2:30 pm
Introduction and Q&A

Lewis Hearne is the Marketing Manager at The Carfulan Group, and will be introducing the day, as well as concluding it as the facilitator for a question and answer session with a full panel from the day’s events, including Andy Langfeld, Yann Rageul, Rob Thompson, Chris Andrews, Matthew Jones and Frank Lindeman. 

Meet award-winning duo Rob Thompson and Chris Andrews.

Discover the best in Stratasys 3D printing technology as Rob and Chris can take guests on a journey through the applications and technologies of Stratasys’ flagship machines, with overviews of the Fortus 450 mc, the F370 CR and the J55 Dentajet 3D printers.

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