Additive Manufacturing

Transform Your Traditional Manufacturing

While there are many remarkable stories of how 3D printing is changing the industry for designers, it’s also reshaping the way everything is made for manufacturing companies worldwide.

Push the Limits of Innovation, Reduce Costs and Discover New Possibilities with Additive Manufacturing.

3D printed parts can be more geometrically complex, light weight and easy to assemble. Built layer by layer from the bottom up, your 3D printed parts will be durable just like traditional manufactured parts.

By 3D printing manufacturing tools, organisations gain the agility to embrace customisation, respond quickly to market changes, and shrink the cost and risk associated with traditional tool production.

In a matter of hours or days you can 3D print patterns, moulds or tools directly from CAD data and prove out your designs using the same process and materials used for your end product.

Jigs and Fixtures

Customise everything from work-holding devices to test-fixture components, and optimise for lighter weight, better ergonomics, easier assembly or greater productivity.

composite tooling

Composite Tooling

3D print cost-effective, high-temperature, custom tools in days — instead of the weeks or months required for traditional tooling processes.

Injection Moulding


Shorten development time and reduce risk by testing and validating molded parts using your final production processes and materials.

Improving the Design Cycle

Rutland Plastics have been able to directly print injection moulds as well as rapid prototyping end products.

Discover how Rutland Plastics significantly reduced lead times

Enhance Production Tooling Workflows

French aircraft design and manufacturing company we able to produce prototypes that not only were more cost-effective, but were 50 per cent lighter than their metal counterparts.

See how Aerospace Manufacturer reduced lead times by 95 percent

Helping Production "Take Off"

See how a major defence manufacturer has become the latest beneficiary of the huge time and money savings delivered by 3D printing technology.

Read how Moog have cut lead times for CMM fixtures