3D printing is starting to reshape the way everything is made in the manufacturing world.

3D printing in manufacturing?

Manufacturing using 3D printing has improved businesses in recent years by allowing them to re-imagine their production, factories’ purposes and development processes.

Starting from the beginning of the product cycle the ability to rapidly produce prototypes has allowed for time and cost savings whilst also being able to perfect ideas. This has allowed businesses to bring down development times and take products to market faster.

Manufacturing parts has also improved thanks to the benefits of 3D printing. The precise nature of the printing process means that wastage is massively reduced and the need to reprocess materials is not needed. This can bring major cost savings to a business and allow it to become more profitable in the long-term.


Why use 3D printing in manufacturing?

  • Speed up research and development times by 3Dprinting prototypes in house.
  • Office printers allow for designers to print ideas quickly and more times over to ensure designs are perfected before manufactured on a large scale.
  • Factory spaces can be re-imagined with some parts of the production line becoming defunct thanks to new 3D printing technology.
  • Save money for your business by reducing the amount of scrap and wastage seen using traditional methods.
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