Automotive 3D printing

automotive 3d printing

Where tolerances are exacting, you need to prototype parts accurately. The world’s best automotive companies use the world’s best rapid prototyping systems from Stratasys. Build durable concept models, prototypes, tooling and low volume production parts in-house with automotive 3d printing from Stratasys, so that engineers and designers can work more efficiently, enable more thorough testing, and be confident in the production process. With Stratasys 3d printers, it’s possible to print models that function and look like the real part, rubber-like materials offer a wider range of mechanical characteristics for testing, such as door seals, shock absorption and gaskets.

With translucent materials, it’s possible to facilitate fluid analysis. With simple post processing you can model headlight lenses accurately and for dashboard parts, objet acrylic-like materials can be used.

Stratasys offers FDM technology for resilient prototypes and parts made from high performance engineering thermoplastics. If you require rubber-like or clear materials with a beautiful smooth finish, there are also Polyjet technology based 3d printers.

You can easily test out designs by producing physical parts with automotive 3D printing, rather than just looking at CAD models alone, this enables you to test out the product and identify any issues in the initial design process

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