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30th November 2016

Stratasys Ultra Strong Nylon 6 Material Now Available for FDM-Powered 3D Printing Systems

Introducing Nylon 6 material, designed specifically for manufacturers who require the strongest and most durable 3D printing materials for the creation of customised jigs and fixtures, as well as the production of functional prototypes and end-use parts.

nylon 6 material

As one of the most widely used thermoplastics on the manufacturing market, the range of Nylon polymers available have a wide variety of uses due to its unrivalled strength and toughness within the Stratasys FDM material offering.

Combining both ULTEM 9085 resins high strength-to-weight-ratio, greater than 10k psi, with the toughness of Nylon 12, greater than 15% elongation at break and greater than 15ft-lb/in impact strength, Nylon 6 offers durability like never before making it a popular choice for use in conventional manufacturing. These properties mean that Nylon thermoplastics offer a great solution for applications in the automotive, aerospace, industrial and medical markets, especially in the production of rapid prototypes, functional prototypes and manufacturing aids.

This materials toughness makes it superior to other FDM thermoplastics, allowing for its use in applications that require strong, customised parts, and can withstand rigorous functional testing. Nylon 6 maintains the balance between mature Nylon properties and controlled shrinkage effects during the FDM 3D printing process.

Nylon 6 is one of a vast selection of 3D printing materials developed by Stratasys, who continues to test and evaluate hundreds of potential printing materials to meet not only the applications of today but the future. This engineering-grade material utilises soluble support allowing for an effortless removal process.

Nylon 6 is now available for Fortus 900mc 3D printers and is available in black only. It requires standard tips and modifications or upgrades to your Fortus 900mc are not needed, but Nylon 6 does require a separate material license to that of Nylon 12.

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