Bondy Fiesta

Toy manufacturer meets deadlines, cuts design errors, and gains new projects with Objet Eden260v 3D Printer.

“We’ve reduced design errors by 80% and we’ve seen a huge improvement in the predictability of our product development schedules, and in the quality we deliver.” — Roberto Aguilar Marquez, Marketing Director, Bondy Fiesta


Bondy Fiesta manufactures a wide range of toys, including mini toys for the novelty sweet market and budget toys. The company licences well-known brands such as Barbie, Disney, and Nickelodeon, and creates various budget toys which it exports around the world.

The Challenge

Bondy Fiesta receives licences from brands for limited timeframes and therefore must complete product design and development within strict deadlines. However, product development delays caused by design errors frequently prevented the company from utilising the full licensing period it had already purchased.

Traditionally, Bondy Fiesta relied on an external company for 3D modelling & prototyping, with each prototype-feedback cycle taking two or three weeks.

In addition to the inconvenient and time-consuming process, the models were not highly realistic, so design errors were often discovered only very late during the mould production phase. This caused serious delays in production and unexpected costs.

The Solution

Sample toy cellphone models Bondy Fiesta selected the Objet Eden260V 3D Printer for in-house prototyping. “We conducted a survey of all available brands and compared the materials used, flexibility, and resolution,” says Roberto Aguilar Marquez, Marketing Director at Bondy Fiesta. “It was critical for us that printed models could be fully functional so that customers could test and experience our products, including moving parts. In addition to its excellent resolution on the Z axis, the Eden 3D Printing System offered models with very high finishing quality and accurate detail level. This matched our requirements for our small toys.”

Bondy Fiesta uses the Objet Eden260V 3D Printer during all stages of product design. “The first project we used the Eden for was a line of small Barbie collection toys, such as a coffee set and a kitchen set,” says Aguilar. “We have the 3D printer placed within our office environment, just like our regular ink printers. The operation is very simple, and with the plastic resins we create very realistic models that look, feel and function just like our toys.”

Bondy Fiesta has improved its delivery schedules dramatically, reducing to a single day some processes that previously took up to three weeks. Design errors are now discovered and resolved much earlier in the process and Aguilar estimates that overall they have dropped by 80%.

“It may sound like an overstatement, but the Objet 3D Printer raised us to a new level of quality, both from the product and the company point of view,” says Aguilar. “We now provide much higher quality products, more innovative designs and faster development. Our licensing companies were surprised at the quality of our development process. They have realized that we are capable of handling much more complex orders and we have been offered more projects.”

“Processes that took two-to-three weeks can now be done in a single day.”

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