Design Consultancy Order UK’s First Connex3 3D Printer

18th March 2014

St Asaph based Design Reality has placed an order with SYS Systems for the UK’s first Stratasys Objet500 Connex3 multi-material, multi-colour 3D printer.

Stratasys Connex3The order follows the purchase of an Objet Connex260 3D printer 20 months ago, which has proved an invaluable resource for the company.

“Our Connex260 is a real workhorse and has clocked up 4500 hours in 20 months,” explains the company’s Managing Director, Troy Baker. “However, we now need a bigger machine, both to create extra capacity and take on physically larger models.”

Working together successfully with SYS Systems ensured that Design Reality made the Stratasys Platinum Partner first port of call when making the decision to source a larger capacity 3D printer.

“We’ve had a long term relationship with SYS and so we asked them how they could help,” says Mr Baker. “As luck would have it, the Connex3 had just been released, and we knew immediately that it was the right machine for us. The ABS with rubber is what really sets it apart. This will open up a fantastic world of opportunity for us.”

Ultimately, to remain at the forefront of its sector, Design Reality fully accepts the need to invest in the latest facilitating technologies.

“Our Connex260 has been excellent, while SYS Systems have been a reliable support partner, so there was really no need to go elsewhere,” says Mr Baker. “As the first machine of its type in the UK, I fully expect the Connex3 to propel Design Reality to the top of the pile and provide genuine market differentiation.”

Find out more about the Connex3 here ยป

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