Formula Student – SYS Systems and Loughborough University

13th August 2015

SYS Systems assisted Loughborough University Motorsport in the production of a state of the art single seat racing car. Loughborough University Motorsport (LUMotorsport) is made up of a number of students studying various degrees from Automotive Engineering to Finance and Business Management. LUMotorsport is entirely organised and run by the student team members with guidance from the academic and technical staff only when required.

To produce the car, the team can access a number of facilities provided by Loughborough University including a dedicated lab area, machine workshop and access to many types of specialist equipment. As part of these specialist facilities, SYS Systems supplied Loughborough University with a cutting-edge Objet 260 Connex 3D printer, where the LUMotorsport team were able to work in collaboration with SYS Systems to design various parts for the Formula Student automotive car, including the steering wheel dash cover, CV gaiter, engine control module brackets and the intake manifold (large blue part at the rear, conical in shape).

The advanced Objet 260 Connex triple-jetting efficiency allows users to build three material models as large as 255 — 252 — 200 mm (10.0 x 9.9 x 7.9 in.) with 16-micron layer accuracy. The use of 14 photopolymers that can simulate a wide range of material properties enables high-quality models to be produced that can be seen, touched, tested and perfected in every detail. Available base materials include transparent materials with great dimensional stability and surface smoothness, and rubber-like materials that are suitable for non-slip and non- scratch surfaces or simulated over-moulding. Also offered are rigid opaque materials in white, grey, blue and black, and tough, durable simulated Polypropylene materials that can create living hinges, flexible closures and snap-fit prototypes. As with all Stratasys 3D Printers built on the triple-jetting platform, the Objet 260 Connex offers generous material capacity and hot-swapping capability, therefore empty cartridges can be replaced without interrupting a print job.

Jamie Shone, Team Leader of the Formula Student Motorsport enthused “Being part of Loughborough University’s Formula Student Team has given me massive amounts of practical experience in design, manufacture and the operation within a motorsport team. The Formula Student highly benefits from SYS rapid prototyping, firstly due to its efficiency, we are able to get parts very quickly from the design stage. Also along with end use 3D printed parts which cannot be machined, making it quick and easy to get as the parts are not machinable using conventional methods. SYS Systems have supported the team by providing us with a 3D printer, we have never had such ease of access to an Objet Connex. SYS have also been able to supply us with 3D printed parts as an additional service.”

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