Full-colour, multi-material 3D printing

11th February 2020

J826, the newest addition to the Stratasys J8 series promises to slash weeks off design cycles by delivering exceptional 3D-printing quality for incredibly realistic prototypes.

The multi-material J826 aims to bring Pantone-validated full-colour capabilities to product designers and modelling shops with mid-volume modelling requirements – and at half the price of other PolyJet printers in the range.

Unveiled at the annual 3DEXPERIENCE World Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, the machine is intended to unleash potential by enabling designers to create models that match their exact intent by mimicking the look and feel of end-use parts.

Stratasys predicts that those working in industries such as consumer goods, electronics, automotive and educational institutions will therefore be able to bring their ideas to life more quickly than ever before.

The new J826 in the J8 Series

Cambridge-based BiologIC Technologies is using the J826 to develop its range of advanced medical instrumentation.

Co-founder Nick Rollings said: “Our flagship product architecture will be 100 per cent 3D printed using the J826, so it’s no exaggeration to say that it – and indeed our company – is completely and only enabled by this 3D printer.

“For us, the design freedoms delivered by full-colour, multi-material 3D printing enables us to accelerate our design process with zero restrictions. This empowers us to create ultra-realistic parts for our prototype using materials that, thanks to their advanced properties, will enable us to fully 3D print our medical instrument and effectively personalise medicine once our product is finalised.

“On top of that, the fundamental cost and time savings achievable with the J826 make it possible to actually get our ideas off the ground and rapidly progress – there isn’t another technology available today that can tick all these boxes.”

Built as a mid-range printer for enterprise shops, the J826 supports the full design process with same-day send-to-print options and easy post-processing. It provides the same exceptional resolution and detail as other Stratasys J8-series 3D printers to match the shape, material, colour and finish of final products.

Shamir Shoham, Vice President of the PolyJet Business Unit at Stratasys, said: “We believe that exceptional resolution, full colour, multiple materials and high productivity should not be the province of the few.

“That’s why we extended the power of our world-class J8 series 3D printers to the new J826, addressing the needs of mid-volume enterprise shops and educational institutions at a lower price.”

Featuring a maximum build volume of 255 x 252 x 200mm, the J826 uses the same high-performance materials as the J850 and incorporates the full range of textures and transparency.

the j826 in the new J8 series

Fully supported by GrabCAD Print software for a smooth import of common CAD formats, the J826 also boasts a seven-material capacity to minimise the downtime associated with changeovers. Multiple print modes let users adjust the speed and quality of performance to meet specific needs.

The J826 is expected to be widely available to order in the UK in May 2020.

Find out more about the J8 series of 3D printers here

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