Get up to 20% off with SYS Systems 3D Printer Trade-In

17th November 2016

Refresh Your Technology With a Stratasys 3D Printer

As the vast world of 3D printing technology grows ever more colourful- with new developments capable of printing faster than ever before, producing precision models in a multitude of different materials- there are still many manufacturers falling behind the competition due to dated or inadequate rapid manufacturing equipment. Given the rise in manufacturers integration of 3D printing within their production processes, this evolving technology is already at the forefront of many manufacturing initiatives.

Due to its rapid expansion, manufacturers need to ensure they are ahead of the competition by keeping pace with evolving 3D printing technology. In order to enable companies to do this, SYS Systems is offering to buy-back any 3D printer in return for a deduction of up to 20% off the value of a brand new Stratasys system.

Recognising the importance in allowing companys the room for growth, we at SYS Systems aim to enable our customers to maximise their manufacturing processes, as well as expand the solutions available to their customers.

We not only ensure our vast product range includes the latest and best 3D printing technologies, but we also strive to facilitate our customers implementation of the most advanced technology in-house, to accommodate industry demands and stay one step ahead of competitors.

Businesses looking to upgrade, need not look any further, our trade-in scheme allows you to replace your existing 3D printer with a new system, at a discounted price. Read on for details.

Stratasys 3D Printer

Discount Details:

SYS Systems will accept any 3D printer model, brand, age and condition, as a trade-in deposit for your new Stratasys system (T&Cs apply). The deposit value is determined dependent on both your trade-in machine and the model being purchased, and when you could receive savings of up to 20% off it is easy to see why the majority of our customers choose to trade-up.

What can an Upgrade do for you?

Benefit from the highest quality 3D printing, faster than ever before. The Stratasys J750 offers an incredible scope of over 360,000 colours, as well as multi-material capability allowing for a variation in material, texture, opacity, rigidity and durability. This Polyjet printer is perfect for extending your existing printing capabilities. As an upgrade, it allows manufacturers currently using Polyjet printing technology to transcend the creative boundaries often experienced when using a 3D printing system restricted by its own limitations.

Another example of the benefits in upgrading can be demonstrated in the difference between a machine and its predecessor. Upgrading to a Fortus 450mc would prove 20% faster than printing parts on the Fortus 400mc, generating significant time savings within rapid manufacturing processes. The Fortus 450mc harbours a larger build envelope of 914 x 610 x 914mm allowing for the production of mid-sized parts such as jigs, fixtures, factory tooling and end-use parts, as well as functional prototypes to withstand stringent testing.

At SYS Systems, our business is underpinned by our dedicated service and commitment to after-sales support, which, through our team of trained expert engineers, ensures your business and ours will thrive together. Our trade-in scheme allows us to offer you the very latest and best Stratasys 3D printing technology at extremely competitive prices, providing a cost-effective solution to optimise your production performance.

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