Speaker Spotlight: Andy Langfeld, President of Stratasys EMEA

18th October 2022

Meet Andy Langfeld at our Open Day 2022 - the additive expert & Stratasys President EMEA who fixed his lop-sided bed headboard and is making separators for his kitchen drawers using 3D printing.

Who is Andy Langfeld?

Andy (Andreas) Langfeld was appointed as President of Stratasys EMEA in 2018 after joining Stratasys in 2009.

Owing to over 13 years’ experience at the cutting-edge of additive manufacturing in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Andy has seen significant change to supply chains, applications and the capabilities of additive manufacturing.

President of Stratasys EMEA, Andy Langfeld believes the beauty of additive manufacturing is in its capabilities to:

 “produce what you need, when you need, where you need it.” 

Andy Langfeld on 3D printing home improvements

“We have a bed and the headboard of the bed is Rattan furniture. It is not an even surface. We used to put the baby monitor on top when the baby was sleeping, and it always fell down. So I designed a tablet to have an even space for the baby phone. I printed this tablet on a MakerBot and then I put a rubber layer on top of it. The baby monitor never fell on my head again!”

“I was actually very proud to come up with something like this. Initially, my wife asked me why I would need a 3D printer at home. Seeing the tablet, she came the other day and said: “There are certain spaces in the kitchen drawer which are not fitting for the stuff that I want to put in there.” So customising separators for the drawers is my next project. Obviously, you are not standing still after one application. Now I am busy at home.”

Andy Langfeld to talk solutions at the SYS | Stratasys Open Day 2022

Due to speak at the SYS | Stratasys Open Day on 1st December 2022, Andy Langfeld will discuss Stratasys’ position within 3D printing. The event, at SYS Systems HQ in Foston, Derbyshire will bring together some of Europe’s most knowledgeable keynote speakers in the additive manufacturing industry, and Andy Langfeld will kickstart a day of innovation, demonstrations and shared learning.

Andy will discuss the platforms, the applications, the certifications, the supply chain and the technologies involved in additive manufacturing today, and how the future of commercial 3D printing is taking shape. A Q&A will round-up events at the conclusion of the Open Day.

Andy Langfeld on the flexibilities of additive manufacturing

In a recent interview with TCT magazine and podcast, Andy Langfeld said:

“We are not only manufacturing aids that are making manufacturing process more efficient, but also using additive manufacturing in order to produce the parts that are needed. It needs to be a very specific use case, and needs to be offering the flexibility that only additive manufacturing can offer.”

“There are a lot of very interesting things going on in the market, for example for the supply chain. Imagine the door handle of your refrigerator at home breaks. The manufacturer of this refrigerator is actually wasting money by keeping handles on inventory and shipping those back and forth. Enabling a file sharing of the STL file of this door handle, you could produce it next door and have it the next day in the colour that you wish.”

Due to speak more to the speed and accessibility of 3D printing at our Additive Manufacturing Hub in Foston Derby, Andy Langfeld continued in Episode 73 – Additive Insight from the Innovators on Innovators podcast:

“That is one of the benefits of additive manufacturing – that you can produce what you need, when you need, where you need it.”   

Andy Langfeld on rapid customisation & specific applications

Andy Langfeld is involved in some of the most exciting 3D printing projects in Europe. Discussing McLaren Racing and why the F1 giant prints over 9000 parts a year with a Stratasys 3D printer, Andy said in an interview published in UK Manufacturing:

“Transformative value in 3D printing comes from being able to quickly customise and tailor parts for specific applications. In this case, McLaren has been able to dramatically shorten product development time and control costs with next-gen stereolithography technology from Stratasys that is combined with world-class Somos materials and our deep racing expertise.”

Make sure to register your FREE place to see Andy Langfeld live

Meet, greet and hear from Andy Langfeld, as well as other experts from Stratasys at the SYS | Stratasys Open Day on 1st December 2022. The event features live machine demonstrations, as well as prototypes and production parts that you can test and touch, in addition to experts from Stratasys and key customers in the field discussing everything additive manufacturing. From 3D printing applications to GrabCAD, supply chains to rapid prototyping – you can live and learn additive manufacturing like never before.

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