Introducing Digital ABS2

4th November 2013

Stratasys has introduced a new ABS-like material called Digital ABS2.

The new material provides greater durability to create functional prototypes of end products that would be made from ABS.

Digital ABS2 is available in green or white colours to further improve product realism during the prototyping phase. It also provides enhanced dimensional stability so you can easily prototype and verify parts with higher rigidity, fine edges and thin wall geometries.

Digital ABS2’s enhanced rigidity and dimensional stability make it suitable for a wide range of customer application needs, from form, fit and assembly prototyping in the early stages of product development to producing end use functional parts. It is also ideal for the creation of tools for injection moulding, especially when complex geometries are present.

Check out this video from Stratasys showing some exempts of Digital ABS2 in action:

The new material is available for the Connex range of 3D printers.

If you would like to see a Digital ABS2 model, then please get in touch.

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