Introducing the all-new FabriX™ Innovation Kit from Stratasys

12th August 2022

Arriving to market as the most comprehensive and repeatable solution for printing on fabric and flexible substrates – the FabriX Innovation Kit  is transforming the landscape of 3D printing.

FabriX allows textures and graphics to be easily printed onto a wide range of consumables when integrated with the J850™ Prime 3D printer. The high-tech software and hardware that comprises the innovation kit allows designers to develop prototypes, as well as design, test and create end-use products.

The technology has been used in the Consumer Goods, Wearable Electronics, Education, and the Concept Car and Automotive industries, and FabriX has even gained vogue in the fashion industry.

Rob Thompson of SYS Systems said: “The FabriX Innovation Kit is an exciting development for designers, and for researchers involved in 3D prototyping, but also for end-use application. Recently the technology has found a unique position within the growing field of customisation, particularly in the production of one-off and limited-edition products. This is popular with electronic and automotive clientele, but we are seeing it more and more in industries like fashion with brands printing bespoke imagery onto shoes and handbags.

“A lot of what I hear from FabriX users is about the flexibility of its application. It’s not only used for branding and graphics that look great on consumables, it is also used to create textures and patterns within car interiors.”

Allowing the creation of never-been-seen before products, the FabriX Innovation Kit, when fully setup with the J850™ Prime, offers a wide-range of capabilities and is able to print on flat substrates such as carbon fibre, mylar netting and canvas, remodelling the J850™ Prime 3D printer into an end-to-end hybrid system. Vice President of Design for Stratasys, Shamir Shoham added:

“The Fabrix Innovation Kit allows new and existing J850 Prime users to take their designs and prototypes to a level that has not been previously possible. This extension kit is purposely created to allow users to continue to print high colour, life-like prototypes, while also extending their ability to print on fabrics.”

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