Introducing the F770 3D Printing: Bigger parts, with the reliability and affordability of FDM technology.

7th May 2021

Ever wish you had a larger 3D printer, so you could build those big parts in one shot? A printer you can rely on to do its job so you can do yours? And wouldn’t it be great if a printer like that didn’t break the budget? That wish is now a reality. Stratasys introduces the F770, the new accessible, reliable solution for large-format 3D printing.

Bigger Parts

Most printers aren’t big enough to accommodate the large parts manufacturers want to print. In contrast, the F770 boasts the longest fully heated build chamber on the market, with over 13 cubic feet of print volume. And thanks to soluble support material, there’s no need to sacrifice on design complexity.

Reliable Results

The F770 solid foundation of FDM technology gives you print-and-forget reliability. Industrial-grade components and precise thermal management provide accurate, repeatable results for all of your parts, big or small.

Simple operation

A 3D printer shouldn’t come with a steep learning curve. That’s why we designed the F770 so just about anyone on your team can operate it, without the need for extensive training. GrabCAD Print software’s simple CAD-to-print workflow and intuitive features also make it easy to successfully print large parts. Mobile print monitoring and multiple slice height capability from a single print head add to the F770’s ease of use.


MTConnect, the manufacturing communication protocol, comes standard on the F770. In addition, it is compatible with Stratasys Connectivity SDKs so your printer can communicate with your MES and ERP software applications. This makes it easy to connect the F770 to your smart factory floor.

Affordable price

If the cost of large-format printers has been out of reach, the F770 solves that problem. It lets you print big at an affordable price, with the reliability of Stratasys FDM technology. It’s industrial scale. Simplified.

Learn more at the F770 product page.

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