Introducing The New PolyJet 3D Printing Solution. Superior Design Capabilities At An Affordable Price.

15th June 2021

SYS Systems today introduces a brand-new entry into its collection of J Series PolyJet™ printers. The J35™ Pro has been designed to bring versatility, convenience, and office-friendly useability into a low cost of ownership. Boasting affordable 3D printing from just £150 a week, the desktop 3D printer is set to make a big difference for a range of workspaces from humble design studios to bustling workshops.

The J35 Pro excels at prototyping, able to combine grayscale colour, transparency, texture, and even moving parts to create models that look, feel, and function like the end result. It can combine and work with three separate materials simultaneously, allowing complex tasks such as creating transparent pieces that mimic glass, or simulating overmoulding, all in one machine.

J35 Pro

Such flexibility with materials is what gives the J35 its edge when it comes to design. Users are able to print with digital ABS material, simulating hard and sturdy acrylics; other materials include rubber-like Elastico™, and even plastics that are bio-compatible – meaning they are certified as safe to use for medical applications on the body – are possible.

“The J35 Pro has been a really welcome addition to the line-up of PolyJet Stratasys 3D printers,” said Robert Thompson, Sales Manager for Stratasys Platinum Partner SYS Systems. “Affordable 3D printing doesn’t need to mean cheap 3D printing, and I think this machine really proves that. It’s an in-house engineering grade printer with lower cost of ownership and multi-material capabilities to set it apart from the competition. Perfect.”

The J35 Pro is fully supported by Stratasys’ specialised GrabCAD Print™ software, making CAD models simple to visualise and understand in the context of turning them into realised 3D models. The printer can even be monitored and have jobs scheduled remotely using the software, and it is CAD agnostic, meaning a variety of the most popular file formats are supported.

The printer and materials are available to order now through SYS Systems. To learn more about additive manufacturing and how it can start saving you money, get in touch today.

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