Introducing The Toughest Ever PolyJet Material From Stratasys: Digital ABS Plus

4th July 2017

Stratasys have released a ground-breaking innovation in PolyJet material technology:  Digital ABS Plus. As the name indicates, this is a new, advanced version of the high performance Digital ABS material orginally released in 2011. The new Digital ABS Plus material, available on Connex3, Objet1000/1000 Plus and legacy Connex platforms features new levels of mechanical performance, with impact resistance properties and shock absorption of 90-110J/m (or 1.69 – 2.06 ft lb/in).  That’s an improvement of up to 38% compared to the original Digital ABS material.

The new robustness of the Digital ABS Plus material makes it ideal for all stages of the rapid prototyping process, from design verification to functional performance testing. The innovation also makes it ideal for all types of jigs and fixtures, parts featuring drilled and inserted metal components as well as short-run injection mould tools. The material is available in the two colours including green and ivory. A Digital ABS2 Plus version is also available for 3D printing  extra thin walls below 1.2mm (0.047 in.).

To find out more about the new Digital ABS Plus 3D printing material, get in touch with SYS to discuss your 3D printing requirements.

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