Jigs & Fixtures

Custom Manufacturing Tools

Highly customised jigs and fixtures ensure quality, efficiency and worker safety for manufacturers. Enhance the production of tools and gain greater productivity and better ergonomics with 3D printing.


To maintain quality and production efficiency, manufacturers rely on tools including jigs, fixtures, templates and gauges. Used to position, hold, protect and organise components and subassemblies at all stages of the manufacturing process.

These tools are virtually invisible when production is running smoothly, but the importance of these tools becomes evident when problems arise.

Using FDM or PolyJet

FDM technology is an additive manufacturing process that builds up plastic parts layer by layer using CAD files. Thanks to FDM the traditional fabrication process is simplified; tool making becomes less expensive and less time consuming. Because of FDM technology manufacturers are able to realise immediate improvements that need to be made, in productivity, efficiency and quality. In addition to this, these tools can be designed for optimal performance and ergonomics because FDM places fewer constraints on tool configuration.

It’s also easy for engineers to evaluate the performance of the tool and make quick adjustments to the design if necessary, Jigs and fixtures can also be produced where they have not been previously feasible if produced using traditional manufacturing methods.Made from tough and durable thermoplastics, FDM jigs and fixtures can withstand the rugged manufacturing environment, and with bio-compatible options available, they’re also ideal for the medical industry too.3D printing with Polyjet technology can provide a fast and cost efficient alternative for producing jigs and fixtures.Even for more complex designs, Polyjet is fast and efficient, this allows for low cycle times, error proof procedures, not only this, but it also offers multi material capabilities, which enables you to produce jigs and fixtures in combinations of rigid and flexible materials, as well as opaque and translucent features.Companies are able to shift to a digital inventory concept thanks to its quick and efficient 3d printing. Instead of storing manufacturing tools when they’re not in service, you can print out jigs and fixtures as and when they are needed. This can eliminate time, cost and labour for inventory and tool storage.

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