Martian rock metal composite could make 3D printing on Mars possible

13th September 2022

Weeks after NASA incorporated 3D printing technology from Stratasys into their Orion spacecraft primed for the moon as part of the Artemis mission, architectural design firm AI Space Factory are planning to take the unique qualities of 3D printing to Mars.

While we are yet to land on the red planet – the end-game of humankind’s ability to adjust to life on Mars is in focus. 3D printing has long been forecast to play a significant role in human expansion on Mars, intending to be the means of creating habitats on the surface of the planet.

Responding to NASA’s 3D printed habitat challenge, New York-based architectural firm, AI Space Factory have conceptualised and designed a 3D printed habitat called Marsha. The egg-shaped infrastructures are set to change the scape of the red planet and create long-term living on Mars.

Incorporating ground up martian rock with a plant-based polymer, the firm expect to be able to print the Marsha buildings on Mars. Looking at just how far 3D printing has come since its inception, the possibility is not as futuristic as you may expect.

In today’s world, multiple mind-boggling combinations are already available, as human skin cells have been combined with polymers to create dental implants, prosthetics and even fashion collections already. In addition to this, automotive companies, including in Formula One are able to create critical components using carbon fibres intertwined with plastic for added strength and durability while establishing the lightweight structures that can make the difference between winning and losing in F1. 3D printing technology has already been used to build critical components within the Orion spacecraft as part of NASA’s Artemis mission to the moon.

While we have come a long way already, the future of 3D printing promises further expansion, and the move into 3D printing on Mars, when the day arrives that we land there, and then the day arrives that colonising it is central to our survival – 3D printing will be ready to make another monumental leap for mankind.

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