High Temperature

High Temperature Material - Combining Heat Resistance With Dimensional Stability

Combining heat resistance with exceptional dimensional stability, high temperature material can simulate the thermal performance of engineering plastics and is suitable for testing of static parts. It has a heat deflection temperature of 63-67 C (145-153 F) upon removal from the printer and thermal post treatment in a programmable oven can increase this to 75-80 C (167-176 F).

Produce varying Shore values, grey shades and rigid functional materials with higher temperature resistance by combining high temperature material with rubber like materials.

Used for a wide range of applications, such as:

  • High definition parts requiring excellent surface quality
  • Heat resistant jigs and fixtures
  • Form, fit and thermal functional testing
  • Exhibition modeling under strong lighting conditions
  • Post processing including painting, gluing or metalisation processes
  • Taps, pipes and household appliances
  • Hot air and hot water testing
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