PLA (Polylactic Acid)

Suitable fast prototyping on the popular F-Series of 3D printers.

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PLA (Polylactic Acid)

A thermoplastic made from renewable resources, PLA comes in 11 colour options and is an economical option for fast prototyping on the popular F-Series of 3D printers.

PLA is made using renewable resources, making it biodegradable and bioactive. It serves as a low-cost option for fast-draft part iterations during your prototyping processes. PLA offers a higher stiffness than ABS, and its low melting point and HDT means less heat and power are required to produce printed parts – ideal for quick concept verification and keeping costs down.

The use of PLA offers complete versatility. Parts created with PLA are strong, durable and dimensionally stable with high-accuracy and repeatability, making it ideal for building components with complex geometries in nearly any shape and size.



    27 J/m

  • HDT



    84 MPa (XZ Axis), 45 MPa (ZX Axis)

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