Rigid Opaque

3D Printing With Rigid Opaque Material

Designed for the objet30 pro, objet30 prime and all the Eden Connex 3D printer range, rigid opaque material provides excellent detail visualisation and dimensional stability. Available in black, white, grey and blue, you can print 3D prototypes that are accurate and attractive to test fit form and function, even for moving parts. With rigid opaque material, you can also produce smooth, accurate jigs, fixtures and manufacturing tooling, and for brilliant silicon molding, there is a blue shade.

For the connex, connex2 and connex3 3D printing range, you can also use digital materials, combine rigid opaque with rubber like black materials to simulate a variety of shades.

The Vero family also includes the following for the connex3 systems:

  • VeroWhite
  • VeroBlack
  • VeroYellow
  • VeroMagenta
  • VeroCyan

This enables the Connex3 system to create hundreds of digital colours, blended right in the 3D printer.There are as many as 46 vibrant rigid colours available to incorporate into one 3D model for absolute design freedom. These colour materials can also be blended with VeroClear Transparent photopolymer for translucent colour, and to produce a range of hues and hardness, there are also rubber-like materials.



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