Simulated Polypropylene

Create Tough and Flexible Prototypes

Simulated polypropylene allows you to 3D print tough yet flexible models. There are two Polyjet Photopolymers available that simulate the appearance and functionality if polypropylene

Rigur (RGD450)
Advanced simulated polypropylene that is durable with a beautiful surface finish, which can be used to quickly build tough prototypes for snap fit components, living hinges and other demanding applications.

Rigur comes in a bright, true white colour with fine resolution and smooth curves, to gain a range of greyscale colours and Shore A values, it’s possible to combine Rigur with flexible photopolymers too.

Durus (RGD430)
The original Simulated Polypropylene that has great impact resilience and an elongation at break of 44 percent. Easily remove support material from delicate features and small cavities, to help increase productivity.

Compatible with all Polyjet materials, and works on all Connex1, Connex2 and Connex3 systems.

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