Stratasys J850 Pro 3D Printer Bridges the PolyJet/FDM Gap for Engineers

3rd February 2021

A new family of 3D printers is promising to put unmatched prototyping power at the hands of engineers, making additive manufacturing technology available to a wider range of users than ever before.

The revamped Stratasys J-Series now features the J850 Pro, a multi-material enterprise-level system that offers a more affordable way to produce functional models and product design validations. 

With a large build capacity and the ability to print up to seven materials simultaneously, the J850 Pro brings the speed, precision, and versatility typical of a PolyJet machine to more demanding engineering applications, whose needs were once only served by the FDM technique.

The J850 Pro is well-suited to the consumer products, electronics, medical devices, automotive and education sectors, which often require accurate simulation of textures, product labelling and shock absorption in fit and functional testing, moulding applications and more.

Stratasys’ Design Vice President Shamir Shoham, said: “We’ve seen the value to customers of our PolyJet 3D printers – in throughput, accuracy, reliability, and multi-material capabilities – and are excited to have the J850 Pro now bring that value to our engineering customers, at an attractive price.”

Ofer Libo, Product Manager for the J850 Pro, added: “The ability to easily create prototypes delivers great value to engineering teams in different stages of the development cycle.

“In addition, the J850 Pro’s multi-material capabilities and large throughput enables them to test different designs, textures and material properties to accelerate time to market and precisely deliver on user needs.”

The J850 Pro can print in transparent VeroClear and VeroUltra Clear, the entire grayscale space of the Vero rigid family, the Agilus30 family and Digital ABS materials.

Utilising Super High Speed draft mode it can create models at double the speed of legacy systems so that concept testing, refinement, and verification can be performed in days rather than weeks.

The J-Series is completed by the J826 Prime and state-of-the-art J850 Prime, which delivers unrivalled aesthetic results thanks to its full-colour, Pantone-validated capabilities which include texture mapping and colour gradients.

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