Design Reality get ahead of the game with SYS UK’s very first F370 CR 3D printer

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Design Reality has been operating globally for over 20 years, helping some of the largest companies and start-ups to reach their full potential by developing products that deliver genuine real-life benefits.

Design Reality are the minds behind countless key projects, including the design and delivery of a half-mask respirator for healthcare workers on the frontline in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Design Reality’s Pains
  • Already using 3D Printing in the day-to-day but needed greater flexibility and speed to deliver parts.
  • Existing printers dealt with high-volume parts well, but didn’t provide the economies of scale to justify lower volume or one-off prints.


Design Reality were looking for a way to step up their 3D Printing to achieve greater flexibility for their industry-leading design and development process.

Generally, when we printed beforehand we had to ask, have we got enough parts? By printing in lower volume, the cost per part would increase limiting our capacity to do one-off prints at a good economy of scale.


After considering all the options available, Design Reality decided to go with the Stratasys F370 CR for their 3D printing solution.

1) Achieving Low Cost, Low Volume Printing

Built on the same platform as the proven F123 series, Design Reality unlocked the capability to print any part at any volume with a consistent cost per part. This allowed Design Reality to reduce the pressure of manufacturing at scale, enabling them to print as and when they needed for greater flexibility in production.

2) Unlocking Brand New Materials

Design Reality are already looking to expand their capabilities using 3D Printing. This includes 3D printing complex elastomer parts with TPU 92A, creating accurate, flexible parts quickly and efficiently.

3) Ease of Maintenance

With rapid material changeover and simple operation, the F370 CR significantly reduces downtime between prints and gives Design Reality the opportunity to swiftly move between design projects and innovate more.

We can print as and when we need to. We don’t have to worry anymore about filling out the bed of the printer to maximise cost efficiency. Parts can go on as needed and with the flexible material offering there is great potential for the future as well.

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