The New Generation Stratasys Fortus 900mc 3D Printer from SYS Systems

Introducing the next generation in Stratasys range of Fortus 3D printers- the FDM-powered Stratasys Fortus 900mc.

As part of the Performance Production Series, this machine provides a robust solution for a variety of applications in functional prototyping, manufacturing aids, tooling and short-run direct digital manufacturing. The new generation Fortus maintains its predecessors industry-leading accuracy and reliability, whilst comprising of additional certifications and key features, as well as offering extended use and a shorted installation time frame, saving time for users.

All Fortus 3D printers are powered by FDM (fused deposition modelling) technology to deliver the most durable parts possible. This industry-leading technology is the only additive manufacturing process to utilise production-grade thermoplastics. More specifically, Fortus systems use a wide range of thermoplastic materials that possess advanced mechanical properties, ensuring parts endure intense heat, caustic chemicals and sterilisation, as well as high-impact applications.

No specific facilities are required when installing the Fortus 3D printer and the need for special venting is removed because Fortus systems do not produce noxious fumes, chemicals or waste.

The new Fortus 900mc is easy to operate and maintain, like the other Fortus models with no mess created from powders used in the printing process. These systems are designed with simplicity in mind, allowing operators to be trained in Fortus system production within half an hour.

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