Nifco Drive Innovation by Investing in a Stratasys 3D Printer

27th January 2016

With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in many product areas, from the interior of a vehicle to the exterior, inclusive of the engine, Nifco is focussed on designing, developing and manufacturing quality components for the automotive industry.

Nifco needed the ability to quickly test prototypes to improve the efficiency of their development processes. They looked at the technology available to them in order to accomplish this and chose a Stratasys 3D printer, the Fortus 380mc 3D production system, purchased from SYS Systems, for its material availability and reputation of producing high quality parts.

The Fortus 380mc is a high performance FDM System, which allows for the building of accurate, repeatable parts faster than ever before. The Fortus 380mc allows for the production of jigs, fixtures, end use parts and functional prototypes to withstand stringent testing, making it the ideal system for the automotive industry.
As a tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry, having a 3D printer onsite has really helped Nifco to produce prototypes quickly, allowing them to test in a shorter lead time, resulting in high levels of customer satisfaction.

Driving down costs and lead times

Nifco traditionally used external contractors resulting in longer lead times and high production costs. Bringing a rapid prototyping machine into the business has helped Nifco produce designs and innovations that they can test in a much quicker time frame, and with the help of the Fortus 380mc machine, has enabled them to print parts overnight, with the availability to test the next day, which could have taken weeks when using traditional methods of prototyping.

Nifco has now seen the relationship with their customers improve greatly. Having a Stratasys 3D printer has enabled them to take highly accurate and detailed prototypes with them to their meetings, meaning their customers get a real tactile sense of the product, rather than just viewing it on a computer screen.

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