Objet 3D Printer Prints in 107 Materials

3rd July 2012

The Objet Connex range of 3D printers has become the world’s first to beat the 100 mark – boasting a choice of 107 materials for producing rapid prototypes.

Objet has long believed that a 3D printer is only as good as the materials it print with. Now, product designers can get unparalleled levels of accuracy thanks to Objet’s huge range of materials.

Form, fit and functional testing can now be closer than ever. Rapid prototyping with an Objet 3D printer can produce truly lifelike models at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods but with considerably more accuracy.

Thanks to Objet’s clean-operating machines, with their small footprint, they are perfect for use in the office or design studio. As a result, you can produce prototypes in-house more quickly, more accurately and more securely than using an outsourced service.

If you would like a demonstration of the Objet Connex’s capabilities, why not come along and see one in action at our demo suite in Derbyshire? Simply call us on 01283 585955 or email us at info@ops-uk.com

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