Objet Material Range Increases to 123 Variants

19th November 2012

Objet has released a new, improved black plastic-like rapid prototyping material. The new material is called VeroBlack Plus and is an update on the existing VeroBlack material.

VeroBlack Plus boasts enhanced dimensional stability and surface smoothness making it ideal for fine detail, all-purpose rapid prototyping. The new material provides high toughness and accurately simulates polypropylene. As a result, it provides excellent form, fit and functional testing capabilities.

VeroBlack Plus is available immediately for all 3D printers in the Objet range at and above the Objet30 level.

When used in the Connex multi-material range, VeroBlack Plus can be combined with rubber-like materials to produce digital materials. These can be mixed to provide different Shore Scale values from 27 to 95.

An example of an application for VeroBlack Plus mixed digitally can be seen in these headphones. They were printed in a single session and contains rigid VeroBlack Plus for the frame, with digital soft-touch zones around the ears (Shore 40) and the top of the head (Shore 60).

VeroBlack Plus, with its digital variants, brings the Objet range to a world-leading 123 different material options.

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