OPS To Exhibit at Engineering Design Show

10th September 2012

OPS is to demonstrate the recently launched Objet30 Pro desktop 3D printer at the Engineering Design Show which is able to combine for the first time seven different materials with excellent dimensional stability with the versatility to create true-to-life model representation in an affordable, compact, desktop machine.

In addition, the Objet30 Pro machine, which has a 294 mm by 192 mm by 148.6 mm working volume, introduces a 3D printing capability that could previously only be reproduced on more expensive higher end 3D machines. As a result this will significantly widen the use of the technology into lower capital outlay areas enabling early stage fit, form and functional tests to be carried out from a 3D model produced on a more compact desktop machine.

Significant in the new 3D printer is its ability to combine seven different materials including clear transparent, high temperature resistant and rigid opaque polypropylene in very accurate models. These can be used in visual aids, as small moving parts or thin-wall models and even to create models with the smooth surfaces that can be plated or painted.

In addition, Objet30 Pro models can be drilled, machined or even used as part of the vacuum forming process. Due to its building speed up to 112 cm³/hr for opaque material and 600 cm³/hr for transparent materials, multiple design iterations can be created in a single day. The resolution through its twin printing heads is 600 dpi in X and Y axes and 900 dpi in the vertical Z.

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