‘Something for Everyone’ at Busy Innovation Technology Showcase

3rd July 2015

The recent June showcase, at the impressive, newly extended premises of the Carfulan Group, attracted a large enthusiastic attendance. The event was designed to provide attendees with an insight into the latest innovations within several sectors including metrology, tool management and rapid prototyping.

Hosted by OGP UK, SYS Systems, ZOLLER UK and VICIVISION UK, the showcase offered those attending an opportunity to learn more about the value-adding technology provided to the UK manufacturing industry.

Demonstrations of OGP’s flagship SmartScope Vantage were in constant demand. Vantage is claimed to be the ultimate multi-sensor measuring machine for highest accuracy and throughput, furthermore medical devices with tricky tolerances on size and form can be easily and accurately measured.

Also showcased was OGP’s SNAP system, proving its ability to measure full component geometry within seconds, an ability unrivalled in coordinate metrology. Unlike traditional CMM’s, SNAP has the ability to measure a component without aligning or setting up the component Auto part recognition and auto alignment are standard features. To prove its capabilities, visitors were invited to place a component on the SNAP’s stage in any orientation, the machine would then recognise the part, automatically measure it within seconds before displaying full measurement results.

SYS engineers demonstrated the advanced capabilities of Stratasys’ 3D Printing and additive manufacturing systems including the high-performance Fortus 450, this innovative production system allows users to build, accurate, repeatable parts faster than ever before. The Fortus 450 is able to produce jigs, fixtures, factory tooling and end-use parts, as well as functional prototypes. With four layer thicknesses to choose from and an impressive array of materials such as polymer, nylon, ABS, the machine allows users to strike the balance between strength, detail and rapid build time.

Also on display was the Stratasys range of Polyjet Desktop Systems, particularly designed for highly accurate surgical guides and true-to-life medical device prototypes. Users can obtain full rapid prototyping benefits at an affordable price with many advantages including fine detail, smooth surfaces, speed and precision. PolyJet technology offers a range of material properties from rigid to flexible and opaque to transparent. For strong tooling, custom fixtures, research aids or medical device components, FDM Technology works with production-grade materials, including high-performance thermoplastics.

Zoller UK, in collaboration with Mazak, demonstrated a closed loop tool management process utilising the impressive new Zoller Smile tool pre-setter connected with Mazak’s Mazatrol Matrix controller. Zoller UK demonstrated the productivity benefits of pre-setting tools and the automatic transfer of information into the manufacturing system. Designed for tool lengths up to 400mm, the Smile provides unparalleled accuracy and repeatability thanks to its robust CNC spindle, auto-focus capabilities and high accuracy precision -; providing a perfect solution for custom engineered medical parts.

Furthermore, Zoller UK sophisticated tool management software, showcased the benefits of managing tool locations, tool assembly set up and the connection activity with other business systems.

Making a debut at the Innovation Technology Showcase was the cutting-edge Vicivision MTL 1. Designed for use on the shop floor to enable the rapid feedback of part dimensions to the manufacturing process, Vici Vision systems perform fast and accurate external dimensional profile measurements on cylindrical parts, such as shafts, valves, screws, and threaded inserts. Full-Scan processing secures a complete, precise measured profile part scan in a single pass, allowing tens or even hundreds of features to be precisely measured in seconds.

Many UK manufacturers have benefited from the Carfulan Group ‘Innovation Technology Showcases’, including the New Tooling Introduction Team Leader from Brandauer who commented “The event was managed to suit our needs, prior to the event we provided OGP with a typical sample of our work that would need measuring on the chosen system. Upon attending the event our part had been pre-programmed and was demonstrated to us being measured on the required equipment, this allowed us to review the accuracy of the machine and repeatability for our requirements. From attending the event I have learnt that the accuracy and repeatability of the laser measuring systems exceed that of a visual measuring system, also that surface analysis can be carried out on the same machine rather than a separate piece of equipment. As a direct result of the demonstration at the open house we now have Smart Scope Vantage 300 on order, I would therefore recommend the open house to anybody who is looking to purchase new innovative technology to improve productivity and their technology advancements.”

The event was enhanced with demonstrations from industry leading technology including suppliers Renishaw, Guhring and Grob.

Renishaw PLC presented the company’s core skills in measurement, motion control, spectroscopy and precision machining.
Guhring Limited exhibited its range of precision rotary cutting tools and allied tooling for the engineering & medical industries
Grob UK staff explained the benefits of the company’s horizontal machining centres, flexible machining systems, transfer machines and automated assembly systems.

All partners agreed that this was an excellent event and look forward to the next opportunity in September.

For more information on the September Carfulan Group’s Innovation Technical Showcase -; please contact ChrisF@carfulan.com

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