Stratasys have a new additive manufacturing materials partner – and it’s Evonik

14th September 2022

Stratasys have announced world-leader in specialty chemicals, Evonik joins as the company’s newest of three material partners for the flagship P3™ technology-based Origin® One 3D printer.


Evonik will offer its expertise in developing photopolymer materials for the P3 platform. The technology is capable of achieving the advanced part quality and surface finish of injection moulding, while featuring the high level of accuracy required for performance parts.

The first in the range of materials contributed by Evonik and developed for the P3 platform for use with the Origin One is P3 Deflect™ 120, a Stratasys-validated material that has been tested for reliability on the Origin One printer.

P3 Deflect™ 120 is designed for applications with part strength and stiffness requirements that require thermal deflection, up to 120 degrees addressing the need for materials designed to be sturdier and less brittle at high-temperatures. It is a high-performance engineering thermoplastic that offers outstanding mechanical properties and is suitable for use in various engineering and design applications such as prototypes or end-use parts.

The expanded partnership with Evonik extends Stratasys’ existing market reach in the medical, aerospace, and industrial manufacturing markets. The new partnership also reinforces Stratasys’ commitment to offering customers the broadest possible range of materials for its additive manufacturing solutions.

Alex Sant’Anna, Director, Additive Manufacturing and Material Solutions – Americas, Evonik said:

“Feedback from our customers indicated there was a real market need for a strong, high-heat photopolymer in our portfolio.

“The bottom line: This new partnership with Stratasys will mean that we can address more applications for Stratasys customers to grow 3D printing in manufacturing.”

Meanwhile, Oren Zoran, VP and Head of Product Management at Stratasys said:

“Our new partnership with Evonik reinforces the growth approach for our hybrid materials strategy and the market’s evolving need for validated materials at scale for a growing array of applications.

“We look forward to working with Evonik to explore new applications to enhance our P3 platform now and in the future.”  

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