Stratasys introduces GrabCAD Print software for Origin One and Origin One Dental 3D printers

11th May 2022

Stratasys has taken the first steps to integrate the Origin One 3D printers into its platform with the introduction of GrabCAD Print software.

An application of the GrabCAD Additive Manufacturing Platform, GrabCAD Print will provide users with an integrated, all-in-one software solution for streamlining the 3D printing workflow for print build file preparation and post print analysis.

The GrabCAD Additive Manufacturing Platform enables two-way connectivity between 3D printers, additive manufacturing and enterprise applications, and broader Industry 4.0 infrastructure.

GrabCAD Print for Origin One will provide an alternative to third party pre-print software solutions, providing users with a consistent user experience and connectivity with Stratasys 3D printing technologies while replacing the native Origin web application.

“After being acquired by Stratasys, customers told us that the ability to use GrabCAD Print should be a top development priority. Today we are happy to announce that we’re able to bring the productivity and simplified workflow of GrabCAD Print to that rapidly growing community of Origin One users,” said Ronen Lebi, Vice President, Head of Production (P3) for Stratasys.

“In addition to GrabCAD Print for Origin One we are continuing to add solutions to our portfolio to best meet the needs of our customers. These new solutions allow us to better serve customers who need an offline printer solution and provide additional security features for the Stratasys Origin One printer.”

The open and enterprise-ready platform brings together GrabCAD applications and third-party GrabCAD Software Partners via the GrabCAD Software Development Kit (SDK).

This ecosystem approach enables manufacturers to manage their production-scale additive manufacturing operations across the entire digital thread – from design through production.

GrabCAD Print for the Origin One provides improved print preparation, an improved automatic support generation tool with lower support material consumption, as well as new functionality including labelling, native CAD file support, printer status monitoring, and printer scheduler.

The software also enables access to the Open Material License (OML) that allows users to develop materials with profiles and settings optimised for their needs, manage material collections and share materials within their organisation. The Open Material License is also a way for material vendors to publish material profiles qualified by them to Origin technology.

In addition to GrabCAD Print for Origin One, Stratasys has also introduced two additional Origin One offerings. Origin One Local is a new on-premise printer configuration that includes the same functional capabilities as the Origin One. The local version provides an option for customers in segments such as government and defence or with other extreme IT restrictions to still benefit from the Origin One’s capabilities.

Stratasys is also providing the Origin One ProAero air extractor system, available for office PolyJet-based 3D printers as well. The professional, plug-and-play system extracts air from the Origin One printer to ensure fumes, dust and odour are captured and filtered out before clean air is recirculated back into the room.

GrabCAD Print for the Stratasys Origin One will be introduced at no charge for all Origin One and Origin One Dental printer customers. GrabCAD Print for Origin One, Origin One Local and Origin One ProAero are expected to be available in H2 2022.

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