SYS Systems announces a helping hand for UK manufacturers hit by coronavirus crisis

25th March 2020

The Carfulan Group is making its world-leading technology available for subcontracting work to help ease the pressure heaped on UK manufacturers by the Covid-19 outbreak

OGP UK, SYS Systems and VICIVISION UK – all part of the Carfulan Group – specialise in the supply and servicing of world-leading multi-sensor metrology, 3D-printing and optical measurement systems. However, with businesses across the country currently blighted by staff shortages and supply chain disruption, the three companies have made moves to plug capacity gaps by offering up their technology for subcontracting.

In doing so, the Carfulan Group hopes to play its part in keeping the wheels of UK manufacturing turning – particularly vital at a time when many in the sector are being asked to urgently produce and supply medical equipment to help combat the wide-reaching effects of the virus.

Carfulan Group Managing Director Chris Fulton said: “These are unprecedented times and we’re all facing up to the reality that life is going to be very different in the months ahead.

“However, we know from our experience of working with our 700-plus customers that manufacturing will rise to the challenge through the innovative solutions for which the sector is renowned.

“It’s important that everyone does their bit and we hope that we can do ours by sharing the expertise of our highly qualified engineers through subcontracting services, ensuring that those faced with fulfilling orders and satisfying customer demand stand the best chance of doing so.”

A UK Platinum Partner for Stratasys, SYS Systems has access to the full range of professional 3D-printing systems at its Advanced Innovation Centre, with expertise in supporting industries including aerospace, automotive, healthcare, rail, military, consumer goods, precision engineering and composite tooling.

From the high-accuracy, multi-material and multi-colour PolyJet capabilities of the Connex range to the large, ultra-tough industrial-grade FDM material options afforded by the F900, SYS has solutions for every application.

It can work on everything from single parts or short production runs to large-scale projects, all backed up by superior levels of service and support. Get in touch to arrange subcontracting.


OGP UK’s multi-sensor metrology solutions employ optimum-performance sensors and probes to complete the work of a traditional co-ordinate measuring machine, as well as a laser scanner and profile projector, with ultimate precision.

OGP CNC Smartscope performing metrology subcontracting services

Detailed data about even the most demanding components and features is collected quickly and reliably by highly trained and UKAS-accredited engineers, giving comprehensive feedback and complete peace of mind in the accuracy of the results.

Utilising an impressive technology suite in a temperature-controlled environment, OGP UK can subcontract dimensional measurement, component measurement, non-destructive inspection, first article inspection and gauge R&R on parts up to 0.5m3, so that manufacturers of precision parts can benefit from shorter production cycles and improved quality control.


VICIVISION UK’s optical, non-contact measuring systems cater specifically for turned, ground and cylindrical parts, guaranteeing improved manufacturing efficiency, reduced downtime and increased productivity through superior data analysis.

vicivision offer subcontracting and machine sales for turned part metrology

Using a combination of high-resolution video camera technology and light projection, its solutions deliver fast, detailed and consistent results, completing metrology tasks that were once reliant on the time-consuming and unreliable manual methods reserved for specialist labs.

Whether it’s diameters, angles, orthogonalities or thread pitches, coaxialities, cylindricities, axial runouts or dynamic parallelisms, even the most complex features can be inspected quickly, down to the last minute detail.

By more readily satisfying the modern standards required to reduce noise on production lines, VICIVISION UK is offering metrology subcontracting that empowers manufacturers to minimise part non-conformance and deliver top-class products without fail, giving them a competitive advantage.

If you’re looking for support with 3D printing please contact us here.

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