SYS Systems to Display the Latest Technologies in 3D Printing at the Seco Tools “Inspiration Through Innovation” Exhibition

13th August 2015

As the leading supplier of Stratasys 3D Printers, SYS can help you quickly get up to speed with advanced 3D printing technology. Unleash your imagination and revolutionise your product. The free to attend Seco Tools “Inspiration through Innovation” event on the 23rd and 24th September 2015 will bring together the latest innovative, proven products and solutions from across the industry showcased at the impressive ‘Seco Tools’ facility in Alcester.

The market leading exhibition and comprehensive programme of seminars will put you at the heart of the industry and its community. Knowledge gained from being able to see and interact with our live demonstrations, peers and colleagues will be a priceless opportunity.

SYS will display the Stratasys cost effective range of 3D printing systems. These compact systems combine the accuracy and versatility of high-end rapid prototyping machines within a small footprint.

SYS 3D printing machines are accurate, advanced and robust to help you push the limits of innovation. Many companies are experiencing the benefits of 3D printing enabling a more flexible, rapid time to market and improved product performance.

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