SYS Systems to Exhibit 3D Printed Parts at Develop3D LIVE.

1st February 2016

SYS Systems will present the latest in 3D printing materials at the Develop3D LIVE exhibition on the 31st March at the Warwick Arts Centre, Warwick University, UK.

Develop3D LIVE is the UKs leading conference and exhibition celebrating design, engineering and manufacturing technology and enables you to see how world-leading products can be brought to market faster.

3D Printing

As a platinum partner for Stratasys in the UK and Ireland, SYS Systems are at the forefront of the latest 3D printing technology, enabling you to unleash your imagination and creativity.

SYS Systems will be displaying a range of 3D printed prototypes and 3D printed parts, to enable you to see up close how 3D printed parts can simulate the real product. Build tough, accurate and durable parts that are stable with FDM technology, while Polyjet Photopolymers offer fine details and product realism. See parts that feature the industrys best print resolution including smooth surfaces, small moving parts and thin walls. See the range of Stratasys 3D printing materials, that can simulate plastics, closely resembling the end product, which is the perfect solution for any designer.

Don’t miss out on a chance to see the capabilities of 3D printing. There will be qualified and experienced technicians on hand to answer any questions you have about 3D printing technology and how it can benefit your business.

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