SYS to Close the Case at Engineering Design Show

1st August 2013

SYS will demonstrate the capabilities of the Objet30 Pro desktop 3D printer at the Engineering Design Show.

On the stand demonstration of a desktop Objet30 Pro 3D printer producing a 0.3 mm, thin wall and a 0.5 mm diameter small hole in an opening box containing meshing gears and a series of intricate features, that is produced in a third of the time taken by traditional SLA printing, will feature on the SYS Systems stand at the Engineering Design Show.

Said Andrew Fulton, Managing Director of SYS Systems of Derby: “In our view the speed of printing, the smooth finishing and accuracy achieved that makes it ideal for prototyping, form, fit and functional testing ‘closes the case’ for 3D printing against traditional SLA processes.”

The Objet30 Pro has the ability to produce models from a choice of seven different materials including clear transparent, high temperature resistant and rigid opaque polypropylene in a desktop machine that has a working volume of 294 mm by 192 mm by 148.6 mm. In addition, Objet30 Pro models can be drilled, machined or even used as part of a separate moulding process with the bonus of speed of processing and the ability to create multiple design iterations in a single day.

The Objet30 Pro has a build rate of up to 112 cub cm/hr for opaque materials and 600 cub cm/hr for transparent and a resolution through its twin printing heads of 600 dpi in X- and Y-axes and 900 dpi in the vertical Z-axis. It is also able to produce horizontal layers of 28 micron thickness in most materials and 16 micron in transparent. Accuracy can be within 0.1 mm subject to geometry of the part, its size, orientation, material and post processing method.

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