TCT 3Sixty – An SYS Systems Recap

1st October 2021

This year’s TCT 3Sixty show in Birmingham saw thousands of visitors involved or interested in additive manufacturing.

SYS Systems had a fantastic position in the exhibition, both in terms of location and the strength of the Stratasys technologies on display at TCT.

Visible Results

SYS Systems had three machines present at TCT: the versatile F370, the compact J35 Pro, and the large-scale F770.

The potentials of each of these machines were also on display for visitors to inspect for themselves. From the incredibly detailed pebbles made using PolyJet textural and colour capabilities, to examples of manufacturing tools made using robust Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber. The breadth of 3D printing from Stratasys was apparent – and that’s just a taste of additive manufacturing.

A Range of Industries

It’s no secret that 3D printing can transform industries from aerospace to education, and visitors to the SYS Systems stand were enquiring from a variety of backgrounds.

There was much interest in the concept of prototyping using 3D printing. It’s not hard to see why. In-house prototype production can save an absolute wealth of time and money when compared to outsourcing.

An outsourced 3D print that takes days of lead time and hundreds of pounds in fees can take a single afternoon in-house, with a fraction of the cost in materials and operation.

And this is just compared to an outsourced supplier using another 3D printer. Against traditional methods of production, the savings are exponentially higher. This means you can test concepts faster, cheaper, and without sending your IP to third parties with the risk of leaks.

With affordable 3D printing from machines such as the J35 Pro, concepts can be tested effectively and improved rapidly. This shortens time to market and allows for richer use of time, with more amendments and greater control of design possible.

For large-scale parts, the F770 caught a lot of interest thanks to its impressive stature. Its build platen – seated inside the longest fully heated chamber on the 3D printer market – leaves a huge amount of room for big parts or trays of smaller parts.

Parts that would normally need to be made in smaller sections then bonded together can be made in a single unbroken piece. This capacity was a major talking point for our visitors, and it demonstrated how Stratasys can help manufacturers overcome challenges and bring 3D printing up to a level that rivals traditional manufacturing.

To Sum Up

Despite some challenges on the road, plenty of people came to see us at TCT 3Sixty 2021. We had a great time talking to visitors and other exhibitors alike. Being able to touch base and talk with customers about 3D printing is important for us as a team, and we enjoy sharing our expertise with as many people as possible.

Missed us at TCT? Not to worry. Contact us today to learn more about 3D printing and what it can do for your business.

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