SAF 3D Printing

What is SAF 3D Printing?

SAF technology uses an infrared-sensitive HAF (High Absorbing Fluid) to fuse particles of polymer powder in discreet layers to build parts.

It uses Big Wave™ powder management, a proprietary technology that includes powder distribution across a bed, where industrial-grade Piezo-electric print heads jet the fluid in prescribed areas to create each layer of the part.

This is followed by exposure to infrared energy, which causes the areas with HAF to melt and fuse. The sequence is repeated until the parts are completed.

SAF technology empowers a powder-based additive manufacturing process that employs industrial-grade technology to achieve higher levels of production of end-use parts.

Key benefits of SAF technology.

  • industrial grade technology

    Industrial-grade Technology

    A cost-effective method for printing functional prototypes, manufacturing aids, and high value, low volume projects.

  • Production Throughput

    One-pass print-and fuse, few consumable replacements for minimal downtime, and high nesting densities to meet production demands.

  • End-Use Production Parts

    Real-time powder heating, unique thermal management, and broad powder range for a wide spectrum of part properties.

This is additive manufacturing on a new level.

SAF technology – putting additive manufacturing on a new level

Learn more about SAF technology and how it removes the barriers to higher-volume additive manufacturing production

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