The brand-new F370CR unveiled in the UK for the very first time

12th October 2022

It's Official...

The brand-new and hotly-anticipated F370CR from Stratasys is here – unboxed and in our showroom for the very first time in the UK. 

See our unboxing video and read about the incredible benefits of the F370 CR 3D printer below.

Your chance to see the F370CR in action...

You can see the F370CR in all its glory at our Open Day on Thursday 1st December in Foston, Derby, where you can learn about its full range of applications and benefits. 

If you cannot wait to see a live demonstration of the F370CR, you can get over to our Ireland Roadshow on 1st-3rd November in Dublin, Cork and Galway.

What makes the F370CR the perfect shopfloor solution for engineering components?

There is no better 3D printer for high-strength composite 3D printing on the shopfloor than the F370CR. Ideal for creating jigs, fixtures and end-use parts to superior accuracy, the F370CR excels in performance and repeatability.

The most reliable solution for the manufacturing and engineering industries, the F370CR offers high-resolution parts with proven performance across a range of criteria including for making parts with high-tensile strength and heat deflection temperature (HDT) properties.

Supplement your fixture and part fabrication with the ultimate 3D printing solution for faster, more cost-effective part translation. Ideal for creating workholding fixtures, soft jaws and component parts faster than metal machine equivalents, reducing lead time.

Enabling you to print using high-strength materials including composite materials reinforced with chopped carbon fibre such as ABS-CF10 and FDM Nylon-CF10, the F370CR offers complete support for complex designs, with four-layer resolutions and variable part density giving you the versatility to create parts with the specifications that matter most to you.

Snapshot Benefits of the F370CR

  • Verified 99% uptime and 99%-dimensional repeatability performance
  • Simple setup and little operator oversight
  • Precision guaranteed with optimised print parameters for over 220 measurements
  • High strength between layers
  • Open materials create part versatility

Get Your FREE Demo!

At SYS Systems we are excited to bring the F370CR in-house for the first time and cannot wait to show you the full capabilities of its technology at our Open Day and Ireland Roadshow where you can register for FREE today. 

If you want to see what all the fuss is about but can’t make the date for our Open Day or Ireland Roadshow, you can get more information on the F370CR or a FREE demonstration – simply get in touch with a member of our team today.

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