The Stratasys J35 Pro's Key Highlights

2nd September 2021

A revolution in tabletop 3D printing. The J35 Pro is a tabletop, multi-material machine that brings the power of PolyJet printing to any office, classroom, or studio with a compact footprint.

Quick, quiet, and modestly sized – the Stratasys J35 Pro exceeds at prototyping designs and testing concepts with high-fidelity photopolymer printing.

With a select, specialised material scope, here is what the J35 Pro can work with:


Economic DraftGrey material is perfect for early concepts and fast prototyping. It has medium opacity and a smooth finish, giving it a pleasing aesthetic quality. Whilst not ideal for designs that need colour, it is cheap and fast to use, ensuring the fastest time-to-part.

DraftGrey’s affordability makes in-house prototyping more convenient than ever. Ideas can be seen and held sooner than having to commit to CMF prototypes with a costly outsourced manufacturer. The J35 is already one of the most affordable Stratasys 3D printers available. Coupling it with DraftGrey only makes it all the more accessible.

VeroUltra Black, White, and Clear

These professional-grade polymers are suitable for consumer goods and packaging as well as prototypes and concept models. Its ability to make high-fidelity, sharp prints with great colour separation make it fantastic for 2D graphics as well as 3D structures.

VeroUltra Black and White have excellent opacity, but VeroUltra Clear achieves 95% light transmission as a replacement for glass or for transparent packaging. With a low yellow index and a high level of clarity, it is perfect for aesthetic features or for embedding windows into prototypes that have inner details to show off.


A rubber-like photopolymer with superior tear resistance and flexibility. Ideal for surrounds, overmoulds, seals, living hinges, and much more whilst simulating the feeling and properties of traditional rubber.

With a Shore A value of 45 – placing it roughly halfway between a rubber band and a door seal in terms of feel and rigidity – it bears a wealth of potential uses and can be printed in either black or clear on the J35 Pro. Replacing costly but highly sought-after applications such as overmoulding is a big bonus for a desktop printer that already is so affordable to operate.

Vero ContactClear

Transparent rigid material with a biocompatible composition. This is best suited for prototypes and concepts that require skin and mouth contact, making it also highly suited for wearables and fashion items.

Vero ContactClear has seven medical approvals according to the harmonised standard ISO 10993-1. This accreditation grants manufacturers of medical devices the valuable ability to print and test designs in material similar to those of the finished product. Point-of-care printing can see pieces ready to test within a handful of hours.

Faster, Cheaper Iterations

Owning the ability to prototype concepts in house presents a wealth of time and cost savings for businesses. Where outsourced suppliers can demand over a week to finalise a product and have it delivered back, PolyJet 3D printing can make the same product in an afternoon.

The Stratasys J35 Pro is designed with safe, smart operation meaning it can be left printing overnight, ready for the pieces to be quickly relieved of support material and put to use in the morning. Meanwhile, other important tasks can be tackled and the organisation can run smoothly as the timer ticks down to a finished print.

Parts also need little to no finishing once made, condensing time to market even further. Prototypes communicate ideas far more clearly than sketches and concept art, giving key stakeholders a tangible way to understand and interact with products that are still in the design phase.

Designs can be tested and iterated time and again with affordable materials. Designers with 3D printing are ultimately empowered to receive and act on feedback quicker. All whilst defending IPs, keeping ideas in house and free from risk of theft.

Office-Friendly Operation

The compact footprint of the Stratasys J35 Pro means it takes up even less space than its siblings, comfortably fitting in many office environments. Not only that, but its quiet operation helps it blend in to background noise as it prints, and ProAero technology filters out fumes and odours.

An optimised user interface featuring touchscreen is simple enough for anybody to use. Material replacement is also effortless, with convenient cartridges needing only to be slid in and out of the machine.

Supporting GrabCAD Print software allows the scheduling and monitoring of jobs from a mobile device or desktop. Multiple printers can be managed from a single station, making the role of a delegated printer manager an easier one.

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