Top SIX Benefits of the J55 Prime

10th August 2021

When it comes to office-friendly PolyJet printing, it’s hard to imagine a more fitting solution than this.

The versatile J55 Prime is optimised to deliver where it counts. But where does it really excel? Let’s take a look.

  1. Full Colour

The J55 Prime is one of the most aesthetically capable Stratasys 3D printers. VeroVivid material can produce over 500,000 colours and a range of simulated textures. Wood, fabric, and leather can be replicated with other textures to grant a realistic tactile edge to your prints.

Further colour fidelity is afforded by PANTONE validation. Stratasys CMYK colours can be matched to more than 1,900 PANTONE colours, pushing the limits of CMF prototyping. The strength of the J55’s prototyping abilities makes it an invaluable tool for any designer.

  1. Compact Footprint

The J55 Prime has been engineered to fit comfortably in professional spaces. Offices, classrooms, and design studios can utilise its printing prowess without sacrificing a lot of space, as the machine fits comfortably within a metre-square space. Material storage is intelligently located snugly within the printer’s lower half.

There is no specialist equipment or infrastructure needed to set up the machine. Simply plug it into a power source and turn on as you would any office printer or computer. The J55 bears a best-in-class ratio of footprint to build size with a generous 1,174cm² round print tray granting ample room to create.

  1. Multi-material

Twelve cartridge bays allow the simultaneous use of five build materials and SUP710 support material. Two cartridges of each can be loaded and used at once. This allows the machine to hotswap without stopping production and utilise up to 2.2kg of each material.

Black and white, primary colour, and clear material can be combined to create unique colour combinations. Transparency and shore values can be altered to suit the project with ease. Take the best aspects of various materials and print more than the sum of their parts.

  1. Time and Cost-Saving

3D printing with the J55 Prime presents loud and clear advantages when compared with outsourced production. Using PolyJet can present as much as a 97% time saving and 80% cost saving against traditional CNC modelling. A prototype needing over a week in time and several hundred pounds in cost instead takes a handful of hours and a fraction of the investment.

Outsourced lead times waste opportunities to iterate and improve designs. A 3D printed prototype can be made, inspected, and updated within a single workday. The J55 Prime represents a huge overhaul to potential gains. Reducing opportunity costs is something that can’t be overstated when production is always speeding up and stakeholders are waiting for results.

  1. Ease of Use

The J55 Prime needs no special infrastructure or complicated calibrations to get started. It can simply be placed in a room and plugged into a power source. Ready-to-print design from day one. The J55 embodies great design power that’s easy to use.

GrabCAD Print software support empowers operation even further. The software enables remote job scheduling from a computer, tablet, or phone, and sends alerts to notify the user of errors or job completions. It even repairs files automatically if any errors in the CAD model are detected. Multiple printers can be controlled in this way to maximise the yields of large-scale printing jobs.

  1. Office Friendly

The J55 Prime runs unobtrusively on top of its modest footprint. Operating at under 53 decibels, it makes about the same amount of noise as a household refrigerator. The ProAero Air Extractor can also capture and filter out fumes for odour-free operation.

Waste is collected in a container above a ‘disaster pan’ that prevents leaks in the event of cartridge faults. The intuitive user interface monitors levels of this waste as well as the levels of available print material. This means anybody in the office or studio can monitor the printer and keep the team ahead of required maintenance.

The J55 Prime epitomises PolyJet 3D printing as an excellent tool for design and prototyping. Quicker, cheaper, and more controllable than outsourcing, bringing 3D printing in-house is a must-have edge. This is especially true for businesses that want to stay as competitive as possible.

Look no further than SYS Systems. We are a Stratasys Platinum Partner, certified for the highest levels of knowledge, support, and customer service. Contact us today to learn more about the J55 and other 3D printing solutions.

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