Will office 3D printers transform your design process?

18th May 2020

Will office 3D printers transform your design process? – Stratasys J55

With the launch of the new Stratasys J55, there are endless possibilities for this 3D office printer. The printer will allow users to create prototypes, concept models and quality high-fidelity models rapidly from the office or studio.

The best office 3D printer on the market? Let’s have a look and find out.

Size and functionality

The size itself means that it can sit directly next to a desk. Operating at under 55 decibels ensures it won’t disturb fellow workers in the same office space and so can be left running without any distraction being caused.

With the dimensions of the printer sitting at 60 inches high, 25.6 inches wide and 26 inches deep it will without doubt fit into most office and product design studio spaces easily.

With stability in mind, the J55 requires Zero mechanical calibrations. The “ready-to-print” mode also allows you the ability to print straightaway and make ideas come to life with ease.

Bringing the production process into your office shouldn’t mean you bring in the production smells as well. The printer comes with a ProAero Air Extractor that allows you to effectively capture and filter out fumes. This means that you can ensure a safe and odour free operation.

Build capabilities

The printer has the best in class footprint to tray printing ratio on the market and provides you with a better build area and print bed. This ensures it is office-friendly whilst also offering a better yield for you.

The print quality can’t go unnoticed either. With high resolution and fast prints in full-colour you can transform your workflow within the confines of your office.


The Stratasys J55 also allows you to print rigid photopolymers in CMYK that enable 478,000 colour options and nearly 2,000 Pantone colours to ensure you can find the right match for your ideas. This allows you to have greater control over your design process.

Combine these colour options with the different material options and you can start to get endless possibilities other machines can’t offer.

Rough Concept models – economical DraftGrey material makes concept models easy and affordable. Compared to traditional methods making a single prototype. This allows you up to 5x more design iterations with the J55 Printer.

Ready Detailed Designs – The J55 printer allows you to incorporate colour easily into the design process. CMF designs can be introduced much earlier than traditional methods. With little to no post-processing needed will help ensure your design process runs smoother.

Realistic High-Fidelity Prototypes – With the endless possibilities mentioned already it should be noted that the J55 allows you to create parts that look and feel like the real thing. With these prototypes possibilities you will be able to spot mistakes easily and rectify them early in development. This will help speed up the decision making and approval process.

Final Verdict on the Stratasys J55

Overall the possibilities with the Stratasys J55 are endless and will allow you to take full control of your design process from within the office. The capabilities to quickly amend design and produce high-quality models will ensure you can streamline your design process. This will allow you to get products to market faster.

Should you have any more questions about the J55 printer then feel free to get in touch with us here.

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