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Reliable. Repeatable. Exceptional.

Stratasys F370

355 mm x 254 mm x 355 mm

Unleash the full range of high-performance materials that FDM technology delivers, putting you in control of your engineering and manufacturing processes. 3D print in composite materials for high durability, strength, heat and chemical resistance, and quality.

Build critical components, large parts and batch parts on schedule, on budget and on site with the remarkable F370, the newest in Stratasys’ range of 3D printers. Ideal for engineering, automotive, rail and aerospace applications, the F370 excels when you need to be sure.

Professional 3D printing. Simplified.

The Stratasys F370 printer combines industrial-grade capability with simple operation. Requiring no special expertise, F370 printers offer carbon fibre 3D printing, fast and easy material swaps and auto-calibration for accurate, dependable results. 

Precision 3D printing. Easy as F123.


F370 3D printers give designers, engineers and educators access to affordable, industrial-grade 3D printing without sacrificing on quality.


Increase productivity and reach your goals sooner with unbeatable, repeatable results thanks to Stratasys’ industry-leading heated build chamber.


Work faster through concept iterations and component verification. Make jigs, fixtures and manufacturing tools faster, with strong, stiff materials.

Smoother workflow. Quieter workspace.

Designed with supreme ease of use in mind, Stratasys F370 3D printers utilise a streamlined workflow by working seamlessly with the design-to-print GrabCAD software. This can be done in any workspace, thanks to a clean and quiet office friendly design.

F370 applications

Jigs & fixtures

Materials specifically tailored for creating 3D printed jigs, fixtures and manufacturing aids can make your production floor more efficient.


The easy-to-use F370 printer lets you iterate your designs much quicker than traditional prototyping methods with a range of material properties.

Production parts

Small-batch production runs that otherwise would be uneconomical to make with traditional machining become possible with F370.

Directly impacting your bottom line.


Reliable results.
100% of the time.

Compared to 79% for the closest competitor

Fastest in the category.


Vs. 4 competitors printing 18 parts each

For accurate parts.


Compared to 57% for the closest competitor

Reliable, accurate builds. Fast.

No. hours printing / % reliability

0% downtime compared to closest competitors.

No. hours downtime

More choices. More possibilities.

Work with a wide range of materials with the F370 including elastomeric and thermoplastic materials. Achieve complex geometries and interlocking components with our unique soluble support material. However intricate the part, the soluble support dissolves to leave a pristine finish, requiring no hands-on removal. Owing to a generous build chamber, the F370 meets office demands head on, creating clean and efficient prototypes every time. 

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Fastest in the category.

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