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Anatomical Realism Within Your Reach

Stratasys J5 Digital Anatomy Printer

• Printing area: 1,174cm2
• Max Part Size: Up to 140 x 200 x 190mm (5.51 x 7.87 x 7.48 in.)

Multi-material and multi-colour capabilities allow you to create brilliantly vivid anatomical models and drilling and cutting guides that are sterilisable and biocompatible, with a certified system all on one platform.

  • Presurgical planning and highly realistic point-ofcare
    training with life like models.
  • Bring to life detailed, patient-specific models that
    can elevate patient outcomes by providing risk-free
    planning to reduce complications and decrease OR
  • Standardise surgical skills and delivery of care by
    practicing cost-effective, accurate representations of
    the targeted pathology.
  • Improve doctor-patient communications for more
    informed consent.

Anatomical Realism Within Your Reach

Open the door to a world of medical representations and discover precision anatomy modeling. Our new small footprint and high performance J5 Digital Anatomy 3D Printer with its unique materials and software, enables the creation of biomechanically accurate and functional anatomical models – now within reach.

This multi-color, multi-material platform constructs models that not only look like the real thing- but also accurately replicate the actual feel and responsiveness of human anatomy. Have models when you need them as the software streamlines the workflow, adjusts your pathologies controlling material composition/microstructures, and utilizes remote management.

Explore a world of endless possibilities with ultra- realistic 3D printed anatomical representations

See and Feel

The J5 Digital Anatomy 3D Printer’s software gives you the power to create clinically validated preset anatomy options that utilize 3D printing materials. These behave with biomechanical accuracy that mimics human tissue and bone like never before.

Innovative materials make it possible

Unlock unique material combinations that create realistic models that vary in softness, flexibility, and density, mimicking native tissue behavior. The unique voxel-based engine of the J5 Digital Anatomy 3D Printer will automatically generate your model’s detailed anatomical structures giving it the look and feel of the real thing.

Discover the applications

Structural Heart

Experience the physiological response of native cardiac tissue. Create durable heart models that maintain compliance, as well as replicate reality, making them invaluable learning and development tools.

Blood Vessels

Experience the arterial elasticity caused by changes in blood pressure and disease. A Jacobs Institute study compared 3D printed aortic, carotid, and coronary artery models to native vessel behavior found that the Digital Anatomy Printer creates the most accurate arterial models available.


Experience the density properties of human bone. Create complex models that include both bone and soft tissue along with ligaments and nerve roots. Vary bone density to mimic healthy and osteoporotic bones. Biomechanical testing confirmed that the driving torque and pullout force of screw fixation in 3D printed bone models have similar haptic responses to human bone.


Radio realistic models with full contrast options. Print models that not only look like real anatomy with a similar biomechanical behavior, but they also have the same results under a CT scan.

General Anatomy

Experience the response of native organ tissue. Produce functional models to mimic organs such as liver, subcutaneous fat, or connective tissues. Replicate encapsulated and non-encapsulated tumors. Simulate tumor resection and experience realistic haptic feedback to instruments.

All on a Certified System

  • 510k cleared for clinical diagnostic use with leading segmentation software companies
  • Biocompatibility certification
    • ISO 10993-1:2018 for limited contact to tissue and bone and permanent contact to intact skin
    • ISO 18562-1:2017 for breathing gas pathways in healthcare applications
  • Sterilization methods
    • Steam, Gamma and EtO for MED610 and MED615RGD
    • Steam for Biocompatible Digital ABS Plus™ (MED531 and MED 5151+)
    • Steam, Gamma, and EtO for Rigid Transparent family
  • ISO 13485 Certified (material and hardware manufacturing sites)

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