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Stratasys F3300

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Minimal labour.
Lower cost.
Faster throughput.

The F3300 prints up to twice the speed of current industrial FDM printers, producing twice as many parts in the same amount of time. Factored against the printer’s amortized cost, the more parts you print per unit of time, the lower their cost.

Large 4100 cc (250 cubic inch) material spools and simpler spool design lessen their manufacturing cost, particularly for high-performance materials. As a result, this lowers material prices and reduces a customer’s cost to print each part.

Double your


The F3300 employs new technology that provides a step change in print speed compared to other FDM printers. These advancements let you print at rates up to twice what current high-production FDM systems are capable of.

Faster Gantry Speeds

Linear motors and linear encoders – the mechanisms that move and position the print heads – enable faster and more precise movement than printers utilizing mechanical belts and pulleys.

Multiple Extruders
Multiple extruders eliminate non-printing time when a single-extrusion printer requires time to heat up and cool down to switch between model and support material.


Time previously required to print and evaluate calibration boxes after a material change is eliminated. Calibration is now handled automatically in just a few minutes with no operator input required.
New technology enables

1.5X to 2X

 the number of parts in a given timespan

Advanced FDM printing

Up to twice

vs. current production FDM systems

Print with benchmark reliability.

The F3300’s next-level reliability starts with a robust process monitoring capability and mechanical design focused on delivering maximum uptime and repeatable performance.

Nylon 12cf brake wing ready to undergo quality testing

EtherCAT Onboard Communication

An EtherCAT protocol provides comprehensive monitoring and communication with each F3300 subsystem at high speed and efficiency. This allows tight synchronicity among the systems controlling the print process, enabling highly accurate, repeatable, and reliable print results.

Redundancy for Critical Systems

Multiple extrusion heads mean a standby extruder can take over if the primary unit faults, avoiding a failed build. Since each extruder has its own material supply, a different extrusion head can take over printing in less than a minute, preventing auto-changeover failures that halt the build process.

Extruder Instrumentation

Strain gauges on the extruders coupled with the F3300’s extensive self-monitoring network signal when extrusion parameters such as push force, position, temperature, or velocity are incorrect or degraded. This affords predictive failure monitoring, allowing you to detect failures and take corrective action before they occur.

Make parts and tools with industry-leading print quality.

Integrated Material Dryers

Eliminate poor quality and failed parts because of material moisture. Onboard dryers that combine dry air and temperature keep materials at the proper humidity levels to maintain optimal mechanical properties. This includes the ability to set a drying prescription that the onboard dryer will execute to establish the proper material desiccation.

Precise Gantry Controls

The F3300’s gantry system, which controls where material is deposited, is governed by linear encoders, which are among the most accurate positioning controls in machine automation. The result is precise material application and correct print results.

Advanced Extruder Control

The repeatability and quality required for production applications demand tight control of the material extrusion process. F3300 extruders employ physical features and software algorithms that allow exacting temperature control of the plastic flow, resulting in accurate material application.

Up to


Faster Time-to-Print

Up to


More Reliable



Accuracy and Repeatability



Lower Part Cost

Lower your cost per part with the new benchmark in FDM technology. The F3300 prints up to twice as fast as legacy extrusion 3D printing systems, doubling your throughput capability. Designed for speed, ease of use, reliability, and high yield, the F3300 provides the efficiency, productivity, and real-time monitoring architecture required in today’s manufacturing equipment

Discover true power with F3300.



Build size: 600mm x 600mm x 800mm

Larger spools 4100cc/250ci

Automatic Tool changer

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