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3D-printing solutions for manufacturing

Stratasys 3D printing for manufacturing

For every stage of production

Bringing an idea from prototype to production is no longer bound by the constraints of traditional manufacturing methods. We can help you challenge your manufacturing status quo. 

The ability to rapidly and cost-effectively bring ideas to life has opened a new world of possibilities across several industries including automotive, aerospace, medical, oil & gas and consumer goods. With a wide variety of materials and part sizes available, this versatile process offers advantages over traditional methods including increased speed, reduced lead times and decreased costs.

Rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping services combine state-of-the-art equipment with advanced design software to create 3D models and prototypes. This cost-effective method of product development allows us to quickly produce parts or assemblies that meet your exact specifications.

Functional prototyping

Additive manufacturing has revolutionised the way companies develop and test new products and materials. We can simulate the behaviour of materials and structures in any environment through simulation and testing.

Low volume manufacturing

Making low-volume products is more cost-effective and less time-consuming than making high-quantity parts using traditional manufacturing methods, and without the need to create expensive tooling.

Composite tooling

Create functional tools that can be put directly to work producing parts without the need for additional tooling. Complex tools and moulds can be made quickly and cost-effectively using this advanced technology.

End-use parts and products

Using additive process manufacturing for end-use parts and products is helping to transform our world by allowing us to create things that are impossible with conventional manufacturing techniques. Combining flexibility with efficiency this technology is changing the way we manufacture and deliver products and services across the globe.

Workholdings, jigs and fixtures to support traditional manufacturing processes

Creating workholdings , jigs and fixtures to support traditional manufacturing processes can be costly and time consuming. When high volumes are required, adding extra fixtures to accommodate each mould can add significant costs to production schedules. Using additive manufacturing to produce these supports can be a fast and cost-effective alternative to conventional methods.

Why choose industrial additive manufacturing for your business?

3D printing opens new doors for product development and innovation by allowing companies to create a wide variety of products and components without expensive tooling or minimum order quantities. It enables businesses to trial new designs without having to commit to high-cost tooling or expensive minimum batch runs and eliminates the need for costly outsourcing and long lead times.

Traditional approaches to manufacturing are no longer the only way you have to bring your product to market. It’s time to think differently about 3D printing in manufacturing. In the era of Industry 4.0, manufacturing with additive shaves off production cycles, removes complexity from final assembly, produces lightweight, high-strength structures and creates hyper-realistic prototypes. Be more competitive than ever before.

Make it industrial strength for your most demanding production needs.

Whether you are creating a simple jig, end-of-arm effectors or outfitting your entire factory floor as you scale up production, you cannot afford to use anything less than our additive manufacturing solutions & industrial strength additive technology to meet your needs.

We’re ready to solve the next generation of manufacturing obstacles. Are you?

Make professional, hyper-realistic prototypes.

Produce highly accurate, full-colour prototypes in up to 500,000 colours, down to the Voxel.