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Keep your systems up and running with a reliable uptime kit

Uptime Kits &
Quick Fix assistance

We understand that downtime just isn’t an option for your company. That’s why our uptime kit offers you peace of mind that in the rare event that something does go wrong, you have everything you need to get your system back up and running as quickly as possible.

Having an uptime kit makes that transition as smooth and painless as possible by providing you with the materials you need – on the dot – without the need to wait for replacement parts.

Reduce downtime. Increase productivity.

SYS Systems has carefully selected customer changeable items from years of experience to aid your uptime and give you peace of mind, knowing that in case of a breakdown you have the critical parts available in your own facility. The customer changeable items can be replaced immediately and printing can resume in no-time.

Spare parts to hand

Your uptime kit contains spare parts, tools, and other equipment that will allow you to do any necessary repairs or upgrades quickly in order to get your system back online. From cables and connectors to replacement parts for servers and equipment, our uptime kits are designed to help you quickly and easily get the systems you need back up and running in any event.

Fast operation guided by experts

Our team will be on hand to support you when your machine goes down to restore your operations, and will find the most time- and cost-effective solutions to get your systems operational again, be it a walkthrough via video call or over the phone or an onsite visit to troubleshoot the problem in person. 

Long-lasting repairs

A proper maintenance plan is an essential part of protecting your equipment and extending its lifespan, and your uptime kit has everything you need to keep your equipment running reliably and efficiently for as long as possible.