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P3 Printing Materials

LOCTITE® 3D 3172 High Impact by Henkel
Durable, tough and impact resistant material, for functional applications that need to perform under stress and high load conditions.
Stratasys Open Materials for P3
Stratasys open specialty materials unlock a wide range of demanding applications, including molding, casting, high-temperature, ceramic, electrostatic discharge (ESD) and elastic applications.
KeyGuide® by Keystone Industries
Ideal for Fabricating transparent surgical guides, allowing doctors to place implants at precise angle and depth.
LOCTITE® 3D IND403 High Modulus by Henkel
High-modulus and suitable for low to moderate temperature molds and tools where accuracy, surface finish and durability are required.
P3 Stretch IND475
Resilient, low shore hardness elastomer with good tear strength
FotoDent® denture 385 nm by Dreve
Origin DM100™ by BASF
A tailored solution for dental models.
LOCTITE® 3D MED 413 by Henkel
Tough and high accuracy material for medical applications.
SOMOS® QuickGen 500 by Covestro
Fast printing economical material with a good balance of flexibility and stiffness.
LOCTITE® 3D IND402 High Rebound by Henkel
True elastomeric behavior.
Ultracur3D® ST45 by BASF
Reactive urethane photopolymer for tough applications that require a combination of high strength, long-term toughness and impact resistance.
KeyDenture Try-In™ by Keystone Industries
KeySplint Hard® by Keystone Industries
For rigid dental Splints and night Guards
Origin DM200™ by Stratasys
Increase the output of your Origin One Dental printer
KeyTray™ by Keystone Industries
KeyCast® by Keystone Industries
KeySplint Soft®| KeySplint Soft® Clear by Keystone Industries
Strong and flexible, ideal for printing splints, night guards and bleaching trays.
KeyMask® by Keystone Industries
P3 Deflect™ 120
High-temperature photopolymer with good strength for functional parts, from Evonik INFINAM®.
LOCTITE® 3D 3955 FST by Henkel
Winner of the 2020 USAF RSO Advanced Olympics Approval Sprint Challenge. For application-specific flame smoke and toxicity requirements (UL-94).
KeyOrtho IBT™ by Keystone Industries
For fabricating indirect bonding trays.
LOCTITE® 3D IND405 Clear
Clear photopolymer with a smooth surface finish and good impact resistance. Ideal for mechanical guides, fluid ducts, and microfluidic devices. Also suitable for light pipe and packaging prototyping.
LOCTITE ® 3D 3843 High Toughness by Henkel
Great balance of strength, stiffness and toughness, with a stunning matte surface finish.
Stratasys Dura56 by LOCTITE®
Developed for Origin® 3D printers, Dura56 is a durable, impact-resistant photopolymer with an exceptional surface finish and a low cost per kg. For functional applications where aesthetics and robustness are critical.
LOCTITE® 3D MED 412 by Henkel
Biocompatible, durable and sterilizable.